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Lake Hotel

Combining vast symphonics and driving melodies, Lake Hotel's iconic sound melts into you and, with rock and electronic influences, bridges the gap between 90s nostalgia and today. Renowned for high energy live performance and connection, Lake hotel reaches out to you - warming your soul and having you smile all over.

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Official music video released January 27, 2023 
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Produced and directed by the team at Huddle Productions, One Day was filmed at St Kilda Beach. Lots of fun and a 

total vibe when filming, it captures the feel of Venice Beach, CA right here in Australia. Special thanks to Globe Store and Milkbar Bikes for the

use of their amazing bikes - the real stars of the show.

Past Singles 2022

I Want More is a fiery debut filled with fervent agrression, powerful slide guitar and melodic rhythm. A driving

chorus compliments the wall of sound with

a heaving bass beat.

Released July 2022 and recorded at Ghostriter Sounds in Gippsland, Victoria, I Want More and

Pirates and Drugs are the debut singles from Lake Hotel.

Pirates and Drugs is an ice cool counterpart, reminiscent of 70s psycheduic and even stoner rock, with a chorus that stays in your mind for days. This one compliments Lake Hotel laconic style and will grow and grow on you.

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